How to Style a Christmas Dinner Party

As many of my loyal followers will know, I have shared many tips over the last few months, including to Australian House & Garden and Houzz on styling tips for the festive season. As is the Australian way, these have focussed on making the most stylish occasion of our casual entertaining style. 

However, sometimes the need may arise for a slightly more formal affair. To add a touch of magic to your table follow these tips: 

As with any party styling my rule number one is – pick a theme. And by theme I don’t mean oh say, ‘Frozen’ or ‘The Nutcracker’, I am referring a stylish colour palette.  

Select two or three colours that capture the mood and that work together, and stick with those. As in my previous posts, for the more casual affairs you can’t go wrong with neutrals and soft, natural greens, and everyone knows about my love of indigo that must be added! But for a more formal table don’t be afraid to have some fun with the combinations such as: 

Red, Green and Gold 

White, Green and Gold 

Red, White and Gold 

White, Silver and Green 

The key here is to add subtle touches of the metallics with either décor such as candle sticks or cutlery or some baubles or ribbon. Keep the whites natural with beautiful linens and bring in green with nature. Don’t be afraid to add some warmth with a little timber in your table ware or a jute runner. 

For a more formal affair a table cloth or runner is a must. If white is part of your theme starting with a stunning white table cloth (linen is my top pic) is fabulous and adds a special touch of warmth and texture. 

Pick three different types of foliage (or one would work beautifully also) and layer these down the centre of the table, think 1,2,3 and repeat.  

Add different height candles down either side of the foliage at uneven intervals and two to three small vases if you feel like you would like to add some flowers. Here you can also add a few subtle baubles tucked into the foliage to add a bit of sparkle. 

Next is your table ware. Add one plate per person, rule of thumb is that plates and cutlery should be a thumb distance from the edge of the table, pun intended. One beautiful wine glass and water glass (yes please break out your special glassware) to the right top side of the plate at an angle to each other. 

Your finishing touch is your napkin so make the most of the opportunity to do something really special here. Choose a beautiful napkin in your colour palette which will be placed in the centre of the plate. Tie it in the centre with ribbon or string and for a personal touch add hand written place cards or even a small gift such as a lovely candy cane (if it fits with your theme).  

Follow these tips and you will have a Christmas Table that brings the wow factor and makes your guests feel special. Above all, have fun doing it. 

Happy Styling and Merry Christmas! 



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