Decorating Mistakes

A lot of my clients come to me having started a decorating project and then finding themselves stuck part way through and not knowing how to proceed.

As is often the case with DIY projects, pieces have been purchased individually purely based on emotion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for buying pieces that speak to us, however, without an overall plan and a true vision of how the overall space is going to work we can find ourselves with clashing and competing pieces that just don’t work. It’s possible to then end up with a room full of pieces that aren’t working together and not knowing how to move forward. 

You may be left with a decorating disaster and your dream of a harmonious space may feel as though it’s in tatters. Never fear, emergency support is available! A good interior stylist can work with these existing pieces and create an end result that is beautiful and functional. Alternatively follow a step-by-step guide to fixing it yourself.  

When I’m engaged for these kinds of jobs, my clients have more often than not tried their hand at multiple rooms. At this point, they’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and somewhat despondent. If this is you, step back and take a breath. Tackle one room at a time. Assess each space individually, but make sure each one in is keeping with the overall style of your home. Each space can have its own personality, but make sure there is some continuity throughout.  

What pieces are to stay and what can go? Obviously the new purchases will stay and are where you’ll take your cues from in finishing off the room. Be brutal and get rid of any pieces that aren’t working. My clients often have pieces that aren’t working at all because they “just had it.” The wrong pieces will greatly detract from the overall look of the room. Are the new pieces a sofa, art work or a sideboard, for example? Whatever it is, take your style and colour cues from this piece and work your way up. Do some research and find some images of similar pieces. Then decide what kind of rug, soft furnishings, lighting, and other pieces will work.

Whatever you do, move forward with a carefully considered plan to finish off your home and try to avoid costly mistakes.  



Happy decorating.  

Amanda x 


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