Frequently Asked Questions

What does an interior stylist do?

Interior stylists are responsible for the cosmetic design and decoration of an existing interior space. I develop design concepts and colour schemes for client’s rooms. It is my goal to help you infuse your home with your signature style and feel relaxed in your space.

Can you work with existing furniture?

My projects often incorporate some existing furniture in the room. You may want to use a special piece of art or an existing fabric as a source of inspiration. I am often inspired by what is already existing in the home.

How long will our project take?

This will depend on the scope of your works and your budget. A a one room design can take as little as a few weeks but obviously larger projects take longer. Availability of products will also effect the time frame,  but the completed concept will be worth the wait.

What if I’m unhappy with your designs?

This rarely happens as I work closely with my clients to find a style that feels most authentic to you. If however, you feel that my designs do not fit the brief, I offer one round of changes free of charge.

What sort of budget do I need to work with you?

I work with you closely based on your budget, remembering that this is an investment for your home. I am passionate about bringing the ‘wow’ factor to all budget levels.

Do you have access to pieces beyond retail products?

Yes, I have an extensive network of furniture and décor suppliers that don’t sell direct to the public. When I purchase for you I take care of all the ordering and delivery co-ordination for you. I aim to use as many wholesale suppliers for you as possible but will sometimes use a combination of wholesale and retail products. It’s about finding the best fit for your home.

What is your style?

I don’t use strict design solutions, I am not about a prescribed style. We will work together to create a style that feels most authentic to you and that reflects your personality.

Why Clients Choose me

  1. I help you create a home that is truly where you want to spend your time.
  2. I help you make efficient use of your space, suggest artwork, furniture and accents to make your home.
  3. I go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that a space feels harmonious through and through.
  4. I don’t use strict design solutions.
  5. Together we will find a style which feels most authentic to you.


Love the space you live in