My Favourite Places, Port Douglas

I have a confession to make. I am a sun lover. Sun lover, sun seeker, sun worshipper, whatever you want to call it, that’s me. I can’t help but follow the sun. I do love a good ski holiday but in reality I haven’t been since 2009 (maybe next year?!). Whenever the time rolls around to make the call on the next holiday destination, the sunshine wins nearly every time.

I am lucky enough to be able to spend time every year in one of my favourite Australian destinations, Port Douglas. This year was a double treat as we were able to spend time in both Palm Cove and Port Douglas. I have a long and rich history with this region which began around fifteen years ago. I have spent glorious time living and working there and at a minimum I visit once every year. During this time I have seen the old girl change immensely, evolve and grow. Most of it is for the best, though I do sometimes lament the loss of the former simplicity and the more rustic establishments. The chain stores on Macrossan St are a feature I’m yet to get comfortable with however, nothing can dampen my love affair with this place. I need my fix, it soothes my soul. It calms my jangled city nerves. I take a breath, I exhale, I unwind. It is my happy place.

Every year we flee the Sydney Winter, albeit briefly, for a couple of sun soaked, blissful weeks. Days generally begin with yoga on the beach. Think sunrise, lapping waves and stretching with your toes in the sand. Early evening means cocktails at dusk as the air takes on a particular balmy buzz that I would bottle if I could. The rest of the day involves lots of sunny, salty goodness in between.

The array of activities on offer is endless. ‘Where the Rainforest Meets the Reef’ as they say. Picture snorkelling, diving, zip lining in tree canopies, rainforest cable cars, historic train rides past waterfalls, boating, shopping, markets, whatever tropical desire tickles your fancy. Alternatively, you can lay by the pool with a good book, which is often where you will find me. It is a place of as little or as much action as you like.

As you can imagine I am constantly taking in and critiquing the interiors. As the focus here is on the outdoors the interiors tend to be somewhat basic at one end and tropical chic at the other end of the scale. There is a huge, eclectic array of places to eat and drink and every year I love checking out which new eateries have opened and sadly which ones have gone. There are those that have been around for longer than I have been visiting, and then there are the new hip places that draw me in with their siren song of heavenly cocktails and high end fit outs.

For now I am back in Sydney, see sawing between weird and wonderful warmer temperatures in August to Wintery rain, like today. Like all of us I am just counting the days until Spring. You may not be surprised to hear that my next stop on the holiday destination trail is Bali! Sun, food and amazing fit outs here we come …..

Amanda xx

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