If you watch The Block, as many of us do, you will have seen Ronnie and Georgia’s winning kid’s room last Sunday night. And if you’re anything like me, you wait with baited breath and gear your Sunday evenings around Room Reveal, the weekly highlight of The Block for many of us. My evening is then spent sitting with my husband critiquing, commenting, scoffing and sometimes oohing and aahing over the various rooms. Even my children have started getting on board and are now joining in the Sunday night action. I think they fancy themselves as quite the interiors critics. The Neales, Darrens and Shaynnas of the future perhaps?

Ronnie and Georgia’s winning room last week has been quite divisive on whether the win was well deserved and how much weighting should styling be given when judging. Originality has also cropped up as an issue as a quick cruise of Pinterest will show similar images, and if you’re in the styling world you’ll know this is not a particularly new look. It is a crowd pleaser though and we all get our inspiration from somewhere. Whether you are for or against you cannot deny this was a beautiful room and a style that is after my own heart, as you can see here from an earlier design I completed for a client.

So far Ronnie and Georgia have demonstrated some superior styling skills, and together with their time management they clearly know what they’re doing. In honour of this gorgeous room I couldn’t help putting together a ‘Get the Look’ mood board.

I love this look for a child and Ronnie and Georgia have used many of my own favourite suppliers. When designing children’s rooms I don’t go for a look that is overly ‘kiddie’. I try to use pieces that will grow with the child and create a space this is soft and nurturing whilst taking into account both functionality and the preferences of the child. Ronnie and Georgia’s room ticks all these boxes for me and is sophisticated enough to please both kids and parents alike.

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