How To Style A Guest Bedroom

As I always say, when styling any room, it’s important first of all to take the time to think about what the room is for and how you want it to feel.

Again, this might seem obvious for a bedroom, but the needs for a guest bedroom are going to be very different than the needs and requirements of a master bedroom or a children’s bedroom, for example. So start having a think about what pieces you’ll need to put in the room. 

Second of all, you’ll need to start thinking about what style and colour palette you’ll want to use in the guest bedroom. Being a guest bedroom, it will need to appeal to a wider range of people than other bedrooms, therefore we generally like to keep guest bedrooms fairly neutral. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bland, but just don’t go for anything that’s too feminine or too masculine. Think neutral colour palettes or soft blues or navy’s, any of those palettes will do the trick.  

Next, we need to look at the room and decide on our focal point. Obviously in any bedroom, our focal point is the bed. Assess the space and work out where in the room the bed will work the best. When entering any room, visually it is ideal to be seeing the focal point. So try and place the bed where it is visually appealing when you enter the room, as well as being able to accommodate all the other pieces in the room that you’ll need. 

This brings me to the next step in the process, which is functionality. You need to consider what pieces you’ll need in the guest bedroom. First and foremost is the bed. Once you’ve decided on the size (at least a double), you’ll need to decide on a bed head. It’s always nice to make a guest bedroom feel very warm and welcoming, and I think a bed head is essential in achieving that feeling. The choice of the bed head will be dictated by the style and colours that you’ve chosen.  

Next, consider the other pieces that you’ll need in the room. You definitely need some sort of hanging space, so if there are no built ins in the room, consider some sort of small wardrobe. You will also need two side tables on either side of the bed. Again, colour and style will go back to whatever you have chosen. Guest bedrooms tend to be smaller than the other bedrooms in the house. But if you can fit in any extra pieces of furniture that provide functionality, it’s a good idea to add them. For example, an ottoman at the end of the bed or an arm chair in the corner. 

The next thing we need to consider is lighting. What lighting is already in the room, and what do you need to add for mood lighting and added functionality, such as reading? If you want to go for a really luxe feel you can do pendant lights on either side of the bed. Or otherwise just bedside lamps that are in keeping with the style you have chosen. You may have a central statement pendant in the ceiling and two more understated bedside lamps also. Functionality and style here are key. 

Next up is artwork. Choose something that you love, and something that will continue to make the room feel warm and welcoming. Choose something that is in line with the style and colour palette that you have selected. The artwork will usually either be placed above the bed head or on one of the walls facing. 

Now that we have all of our pieces in place, it’s time to pull the look together with our soft furnishings and décor. For a guest bedroom, it’s nice to keep the bedding fairly neutral with a crisp white valance and duvet cover, pillow cases, and then bring in your colours with your accent cushions and a throw, coverlet and/or quilt. Be sure to take your cues for the accent colours from whatever artwork you have chosen.  

When guests are arriving, you may also want to add a special little touch with a bunch of fresh flowers and some fluffy towels at the end of the bed. Now you have the makings of a guest bedroom that your friends and family will love spending time in.   

Happy decorating !

Amanda x


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