How To Prepare Your Property For Sale

Create a Welcoming Entrance 

A good first impression is critical to win over buyers and your front door is the first thing they will see when they visit your home. Keep the area clean, freshly painted and well landscaped, and paint the door if needed. Update or repair hardware and add a piece of art, console or plant. 


When presenting your home for sale, another level of cleaning is required. Wash windows inside and out, clean walls, fireplaces and appliances. Clean blinds and launder curtains of they are not being replaced. 


Pairing things back and simplifying the space makes the world of difference, and is one of the best ways to improve a buyer’s experience of your home without spending anything. Be ruthless when you decide what stays and what goes and consider hiring a storage unit for the duration of the sales campaign.  


Fresh paint can give a tired home a much-needed update. To appeal to the widest market possible stick to neutral colours in a matt finish. If your home has dark timber features such as beams, window frames and trims, consider painting these also. Eliminating the darker toned features will make the property feel fresh and light. 


Hardwood floors that are looking lacklustre should be re-finished and carpets replaced if possible. Tiles and timber should be mopped to a shine.  


Complete any repairs that are needed and finish any projects that were never quite completed. Buyers don’t want to see broken blinds, peeling paint and dripping taps. These create a mental tally of jobs needed to be done and as this list increases, your sale price decreases. 

Consider Your Environment 

Eliminate any household odours that may turn buyers off. Healthy plants, fresh flowers,  nice smells and fresh air attract good energy and create happy buyers. 

Update Fixtures and Hardware 

Not everyone has the budget for a full bathroom and kitchen renovation but if these areas are dated they can be freshened up with some re-surfacing, a new benchtop or vanity and some new taps and handles. New bathroom mirrors and light fixtures throughout the home are also items that can make a huge impact with a small budget. Bunnings is your best friend. 

Professional Styling 

Buyers have become accustomed to visiting beautifully presented, styled homes which can be done by yourself or by professionals. Consider the positioning of your furniture ensuring there is adequate space for walkways and traffic flows, especially in open plan areas. If your décor isn’t quite up to scratch consider hiring a styling company who can provide the lot starting from an empty house or just add some carefully chosen pieces to complement your existing furnishings. 

Keep the Garden Beautiful 

Make the most of the outdoors and keep it free from clutter. Make sure the lawn is green and inviting, use a high-pressure hose on paved surfaces and eradicate all weeds. Have the hedges and edges trimmed and update with some new plants if necessary. Time it so that the garden is lush and healthy for your campaign.


Happy decorating.  

Amanda x 


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