How To Give Your Bedroom & Bathroom a Stylish Makeover


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Although it’s easy to let things fall by the wayside, don’t let your home feel stale. If you need to spruce things up, look to your bedroom and bathrooms to brighten your house. It doesn’t take much to feel like you’ve fully transformed your home from drab to fab.

Update Your Curtains

Having the right shades or blinds can make or break how a room feels. Our living spaces require plenty of light, but what about our bedrooms? Unfortunately, light can wake us prematurely and even prevent our sleep cycle from starting. You need curtains that can keep you from being awoken by the sunrise. One style that can encourage deep sleep is a set of blockout shades. Not only are they thick enough to keep outside temperatures from making things uncomfortable, but they also provide enough darkness for rest. Blockout shades come in all colours and patterns, so don’t think you have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Create a Sleep Sanctuary

When it comes to improving sleep, you should look to turn your bedroom into a place ideal for a good night’s rest. Do you wake up with aches, pains or twinges? It may not be age; instead, it could very well be your bedding. You want a breathable fabric, one that is soft or that wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable on even the warmest night, such as microfibre. Likewise, having a quiet room can also help with relaxation, so consider getting a white noise machine or earplugs that fit snugly. If you still find it difficult to unwind in the sleep haven you’re creating, think about adding a scent diffuser or calming essential oils to ease drifting off. Botanical scents, such as lavender and jasmine, are two good options, as is chamomile.

New Towels to Brighten Your Bathroom

One way to transform your bathrooms is to use new towels. By treating them as both accent and practical pieces, you can bring a touch of elegance. Ask yourself what colours you are drawn to, then create a palette to use throughout your home. You can also be kind to Mother Earth and her people by investing in fair trade and ethically sourced cotton. Doing so can allow you to enjoy how something looks while knowing that your purchase helps others.

Liven Your Bedroom Wall Space

Your bedroom is your own personal space where you can truly reflect who you are. You should treat it as a canvas but still let it embody calm. That may mean updating the colours of your walls with hues that promote rest. Display what you love and what brings you joy, such as paintings that have personal meaning. This is your sanctuary to experiment with and change as often as you need until you have something uniquely you.

Any time of year is the right time of year to recreate your living environment. By adding a few tweaks here and there, you can make your home feel fresh and new.

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