Style Your Way eBook


Tired of having design block when trying to pick colours, décor and furniture?

Ready to turn every space in your house into something functional AND beautiful?

Created for both aspiring amateurs and professional interior stylists alike, awarded Australian interior stylist Amanda Smythe’s new book is a perfect balance of the practical and the inspirational.

With beautiful imagery, Amanda shares the design lessons she’s learned along the way, with a treasure trove of design secrets and tips.

Full of real experience from Amanda’s work over the years, as well as her style diagnostic, insider tips, and unique ideas from twelve envy-inducing rooms, Style Your Home not only allows you to see what your own style is, but, more importantly, tells your story within your home.

Amanda carefully walks you through the process of designing spaces that work for you and your loved ones, not how to stage perfect rooms that just look good in pictures.

All of the spaces she designs are beautiful but are also liveable, comfortable and family friendly.

Let Amanda help you infuse your home with your signature style so that you feel relaxed in your space.

“Enviable Room Creator! When I read that this would help me create enviable rooms, I thought, yeah sure. Finishing it, I am so excited to have a plan to follow and my hubby is happy we will have our weekends back rather than driving all over town.”

Melanie White

“It’s good to know that a book like this exists - Most of the time I get overwhelmed or the book is written to promote products that the author is sponsored by. I have learned a lot from this book and the instruction doesn’t take too much time either. This book has been a very great help especially right now coming into the Christmas season. I especially love the part on decorating for parties.”

Jacinda Anderson

“Finally someone who knows what they are doing- This book was super good and you can tell it has been created by a real life expert. I love the planning pages too.”

Kara Gonzalez

“Just beautiful - Well written with beautiful pictures and great detail. Glad I bought it, I’ve gotten so many ideas. Currently building our home and excited to incorporate many of these ideas in our dream home.”

Gemma Lu

“Down to earth, practical advice – This book is different from other design books because it isn’t just filled with pretty pictures, although some of them are to die for. This really is a guide top creating a space you love. I’ve quickly skimmed through the book, but I am thoroughly impressed and can’t wait to really sit down with it and put these suggestions to work!”

Mia Jackson

“Great for those that want to learn about interior styling – Many great ideas and very informational.”

Kate Wilkinson

“A great read and love the style of this book – I just wanted to get a better, simple way to understand how to make some changes in my home and this book does that. This is a really liveable style – love it!”

Leanne Carius