Starting the Decorating Process and Not Getting it Right

Starting the Decorating Process and Not Getting it Right – The Rise of DIY and the Costly Mistakes it Can Cause.  

A lot of us watch The Block and look at Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, particularly if we are interested in renovating or decorating our homes. Shows like The Block make it look easy. We see the contestants running around, under pressure, dashing into a shop and grabbing a few items to throw together, and it ends up (usually) falling into place in a beautiful looking room. 

This is not reality. In reality, stylists and designers are highly skilled in looking at the overall picture of the space and seeing how all the pieces work together, much like a jigsaw puzzle. I often have clients coming to me part of the way through their project, when they’re stuck and don’t know how to move forward. They’ve started with a vision, thought it was easy, gone out and bought a few pieces, and then realised they just don’t have the time or the skill to bring it all together. 

Interior designers and stylists have access to a multitude of suppliers at their fingertips and knowledge of the best products on the market. When my clients do come to me, saying they’ve found themselves in a pickle we absolutely can fix it. But in reality, you probably would have a better result in the long term if we were able to start from scratch. Now I’m not saying that everybody has to hire a stylist, but if you are doing a DIY decoration or renovation, I would suggest that you move forward with a very well thought out plan before making any purchases. 

If you do find yourself unsure of how to move forward and are not keen on hiring a professional, follow these few steps to ensure that the rest of the project is more seamless and you are left with a  professional, polished looking space: 

Assess and take stock of where you are at the moment. What pieces have to stay and what do you still need? What was your original vision? What colour palette did you have in mind? You may have become overwhelmed and confused along the way looking at too many pictures and styles. Pare back the amount of images you have saved and make a mood board for each space you are working on, incorporating the pieces that you have already purchased and see what new pieces, soft furnishings and artwork will work in harmony with these. 

Execute a floor plan. Either draw one free hand or use one of the many online tools available. If possible, you can tape the floor to see how the pieces will work. Make sure it is visually pleasing and functional allowing enough space for traffic flow in the room. 

Once you have identified which pieces you will need to move forward, get online. Find the style and type of pieces that are currently available and see how these work with your mood boards. I always suggest wherever possible viewing products in the stores and showrooms as colours can vary online. That we you can avoid any nasty surprises at delivery time! Don’t limit your purchases to one store, try and source from as wide range of suppliers as possible in order to avoid the ‘showroom’ look. 

So if you do find yourself in the midst of a decorating dilemma either bring in a professional or follow these few steps to achieve the look you want. 

Happy decorating! 

Amanda x 



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