The Five Things Everyone Should Know About E-Design

Whenever I tell people that I offer E-Design as a service, their response a lot of the time is ‘what’s that?’. Fair enough, E-Design is relatively new and unless you have your head firmly in the design world (like I do) chances are you may not have even heard of it.

I am extremely passionate about E-Design as I see it as way of bringing beautiful design to everyone. Traditional interior designers are generally seen as high end, expensive and purchasing expensive pieces for their clients. At the other end of the scale, we have a lot of keen stylists who read home design magazines and avidly watch reality TV shows such as ‘The Block’ or ‘Selling Houses Australia’. They scour platforms such as Pinterest and Houzz and obsess over the plethora of stunning images and aim to DIY. The problem with DIY is often overwhelm. There are endless images available to us and millions of products on the market. The battle most people face is pulling it all together. So why not engage a professional for the fraction of the cost of a traditional interior designer?

E-Design bridges the gap between high end interior designers and DIY.

Amanda Smythe Interior Stylist eDesign Mood Board Coastal Lounge

Coastal Inspired Living Area, Design Concept by Amanda Smythe Design

So what are the five things everyone should know about E-Design?

  1. What is the scope of e-design?

I can achieve the same results as I can for my face to face clients. My designs are not hampered by location and aside from site visits we communicate the same way. All the same products are available to us so the scope does not differ from face to face clients. I get to know my e-design clients just as personally as my face to face clients and in both cases we often become great friends. Interior decorating and styling of homes is a very personal experience so we get to know each other pretty well. I feel privileged to be invited into your home either way.

2. How do I get to know your likes and dislikes?

Once you have booked your e-design package we start the process by you completing a detailed questionnaire. This will give me a good idea of your tastes in relation to design styles and colour palettes, as well as specific pieces that you are after. We can also set up private boards on platforms such as Pinterest and Houzz to swap ideas. By the time I am ready to design your concept I have a very concise idea of the look you are after.

3. Is it the same as face to face?

This is a concern I come across fairly regularly which I completely understand. Generally interior decorating and styling is considered a face to face, see, touch and feel experience. However, like most things these days the entire process can be conducted online. Initially clients will send me pictures of the room/s they want decorated and we go from there. We discuss styles and specific requirements so I am able to very quickly get a good understanding of your needs and wants. From there I create a concept and we then confer until we have a look that you are thrilled with. Depending on your needs I can purchase and co-ordinate the delivery process for you or I can provide you with a live shopping list for you to do the purchasing yourself. I may not be able to be there to do any final styling but with my mood boards and floor plans you will have a fool proof plan of attack. Any doubts you have can be fixed with a quick email and photos or a Skype session.

4. Is it cheaper than face to face?

This is best part, YES!! This is why I love e-design so much as it enables access to fantastic interior design for a fraction of the cost.

5. Do you have 3D Imaging?

If required and for a small additional fee, yes. Generally I don’t find it is necessary but if you would like to see the entire design in 3D this service is available.

As you can see there is so much to love about E-Design! Affordable, accessible and a fast turnaround. It is the perfect tool for those that are time poor and sick of the overwhelm but want that beautiful looking home. If you have a room or rooms that need an update why not give E-Design a go? To read more about my e-design services click here.

Amanda Smythe Interior Stylist, Interior Styling, Interior Decorating, Furniture

Hamptons Inspired Bedroom, Design Concept by Amanda Smythe Design

Amanda xx


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