The Top Five Secrets of Interior Stylists

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People often ask me how I achieve that professional ‘wow’ finish in a home, and many of my clients are left speechless after I have made a few tweaks to their current environment. Hiring a professional interior stylist for larger jobs is always preferable, however, if you just want a quick makeover or budget doesn’t allow, unlocking design industry secrets will enable you to make a difference yourself.

1. Less is More

Paring things back and simplifying your space can make the world of difference. Look around as if you are seeing your home for the first time and think objectively about what you really need, what has had its day and what can go into storage for another time. Excessive furniture and decor create clutter so remove anything that causes bottlenecks or blockages and aim to create open space in your home.

2. Function & Beauty

Look at each room individually and consider whether the furniture placement serves the room from both a functional & aesthetic perspective. Make sure you have adequate space for walkways and traffic flows, especially in open plan areas. Identifying a focal point and decorating around it creates visual impact. This may be a fireplace which you could then pair with a statement mirror, or a decorative niche filled with flowers, candles and beautiful books. In bedrooms the focal point is always the bed.

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3. Perfect Lighting

The right lighting in every room at all times is essential. Ensure that you are achieving as much natural light as possible and add some new light fittings. Pendant lights are a great way to get the ‘wow’ factor in a room and add table and floor lamps for mood lighting.

4. Personality & Warmth

Once you have all of your furniture in place it’s time to personalise your home. Accessories and décor make a statement and tie your look together. Rugs are essential to create zoning and warmth, and artwork adds interest and tells a story. Create scale with larger artworks if the space allows, and aim to have at least one artwork or mirror in each space. Mirrors are a fabulous way to bring in light and make a room feel more spacious.

5. Colour and Balance

Feel free to mix your styles and definitely mix your textures but balance is key. Try to keep your colour palette neutral with 3-5 accent colours from the same family, and make sure that your colours are consistent with your soft furnishings. This will bring the look of your home together.

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Amanda is one of Australia’s leading interior stylists who is creating beautiful and inspiring environments that people will love to live in. Amanda’s award-winning, unique styling skills means she doesn’t adhere to strict design solutions. Her clients enjoy her ability to discover the hidden gems in their space and provide them with homes they truly love. Visit her website Amanda Smythe Design.

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