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Fashion, beauty and everything else in the world has come a long way since the 1950s. But how about home decor? We take a look back at all the trends from the 50s to today and show you how to bring their best bits back around.

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In the 1950s it was all about modern. Following two major wars, households were ready to embrace the peaceful future. They were also excited about new materials on the market like molded plastic, plywood and aluminium. Some historians say the 50s was when interior design really came into its own as people took more care and passion in their homes. Bold colours and geometric patterns reigned while cabinetry and furniture embraced natural woods.

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Loud and psychedelic are two words to perfectly sum up 60s style. We witnessed an explosion of prints and colour for both the walls and furniture of a home – often at the same time. Decorative wallpapers were all the rage with florals proving popular. Texture was another new element; no 60s home would be complete without a shag pile carpet or glass sculpture.

To repurpose these trends today try a single feature wall with ornate wallpaper. Check out MyDeal home and garden for a shag rug from this decade and upgrade your glass features with a stylish mirror.


Two major trends epitomised this era: Earthy and Scandinavian. The earthy trend meant a lot of browns, oranges and wood features. While Scandinavian design was a return (and evolution) to some of the best parts of 50s modernist decor. Shapes were fluid and curved lines featured in everything from coffee tables to TV units. Popular tones included teal, yellow, whites and grays; anything gentle or muted.

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We asked professional home stylist Amanda Smythe to help us make sense of 1980s style. Here’s what she had to say:

“Interior design trends in the 1980s were all about preppy, chintz, Laura Ashley and of course the pale, muted pastels that were all the rage. Whilst we may ask ‘what were we thinking?’ we can see some of these trends reflected in our love of current pale pink and peachy hues, and it has been declared that ‘pink is the new neutral’. This eighties staple was re-born in recent years as ‘Millennial Pink’, which looks extremely chic with greys, corals and nudes. Of course as 2018 rolls onward we are now seeing a trend towards more sophisticated natural, peachy and earthy tones.”
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Bring a little pink to you life with a boysenberry bedhead, or better yet try a neutral grey bed frame that will look stylish with all of Amanda’s suggestions.


Almost in response to the over-the-top 80s, the 1990s was back to minimalist everything. There was a neutral palette across the whole home from carpets to walls and furnishings. Whites and beiges reigned supreme. This was also the beginning of our fascination with bright, white kitchen spaces. There’s a few 90s trends we won’t be missing though, like the creation of inflatable furniture.

Indulge in a truly 90s dining room with a set of plush beige chairs.


The dawn of a new millennium saw the beginning for many interior design trends we still love today. Environmentalism found its feet and you can see this through the focus on recycled or sustainable materials in most furniture. Industrial style – with exposed brick walls and polished concrete floors – was all the rage for much of the 2000s, though now it’s more seen in cafes than homes. Plus open plan living became the norm and we found new ways to combine the indoor and outdoor spaces for a seamless living experience.

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2010s and beyond

It’s hard to believe we’re almost two decades into the 2000s. So what does style look like in the current season? For all the interiors trends to look out for in 2018 check out our other blog here. We’ve since had the official Pantone colour of the year announced and UltraViolet – a bright, punchy purple – is set to shake up the your colour palettes. Finally, the trend for outdoor living continues with more homes opting for liveable, stylish outdoors. Check out our outdoor design blog here.

There’s a decade that is close to everyone’s hearts, even if they’re too shy to admit it. We hope you’ve found some new ways to bring back old favourites while maintaining a trend-setting home.