Tips for Young People Moving Into a New Home

The perception may be that young people moving into a new home should be saving money and beg, borrow and steal (not literally!) their new furniture, and furnishings. In reality however, young people these days are wanting that polished look in their new homes and are quite savvy about how to achieve it. 

In a world where more and more tasks are being outsourced, interior decorating is no exception. In the time poor society we all exist in, it is a service that will actually save time and money in the long run. Who wants to spend weekends traipsing around shopping centres trying to put rooms and looks together, only to be completely underwhelmed by the results? 

A good interior stylist will be able to cater for all tastes and budgets to achieve that cohesive look. If you have been gifted pieces from your friends and family that you want to use, that’s okay. You can easily incorporate them into your new look and style around them. If you don’t want to hire a stylist, and you have the time and creative eye to do your own styling, definitely give it a go. My top tip is planning! Planning is the most crucial element in the decorating cycle. 

Curate some looks on Instagram and Pinterest that you love, and then source those pieces online. Perhaps, try and put them together in some sort of mood board to make sure they all work together. Check that they’re in stock and then purchase away.

Whatever you do, don’t go running around and make large purchases on impulse or based on time pressures. This is where costly mistakes can be made. Either, get help or plan, plan, plan. Either way, have fun.  

Happy styling. 

Amanda x 


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